At DSP Legal, we provide strategic consulting from drafting to discoveries to appearances in a range of civil, commercial and criminal disputes. We have successfully represented our clients in disputes of all kinds and forms such as contractual, real estate, shareholding, intellectual property, constitutional matters, nsolvency and bankruptcy, trust, regulatory and tax litigation, prosecution and defence in criminal trials and appeals, debt recovery and enforcement, economic offences, to name a few.

We have catered to all range of clients – big and small, corporates and individuals in extremely complex ontentious claims before the Supreme Court, High Courts of various States, National Company Law Tribunal & ppellate Tribunal, Debt Recovery Tribunal & Appellate Tribunal, Electricity Tribunal, Tax Tribunal, ndustrial Tribunal, Matrimonial Courts, Consumer forma, Land Acquisition Authorities, Revenue Tribunal, and before Regulatory Authorities in administrative disputes.

Our decades of experience in litigation equips us with unique courtroom prowess as we understand deeply the various said and unsaid factors at play in litigious cases. Our proactive and imaginative team has sistently secured favourable judgments for our clients.

With our dextrous understanding of the jurisdictional nuances, we provide our clients prompt and decisive action throughout the litigation process. We guarantee unwavering attention with remarkably fewer delays than experienced in overstaffed law firms with complicated team structures who despite their army of attorneys fail to be there for their clients at the most critical points in the disputes. The dispute resolution strategies are conceived in close coordination with our clients, aiming to resolve disputes as quickly as possible, in as inexpensive a manner as possible, and with an unending focus on client satisfaction.


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