It is observed that white collar criminals in India belongs to rich and high profile families. They are more powerful than traditional criminals .Moreover white collar crimes can’t be easily detected. Some white collar crimes are concerned with economic affairs hence only fine or penalty can be imposed on them.

To deal with the problems of white collar crimes , there are certain acts passed by the Central Government as well as State Government . Some of the enactments are -:

  1. Prevention of Corruption Act,1988
  2. The Drug and Cosmetic Act,1940
  3. The Prevention of food adulteration Act ,1954
  4. The essential commodities Act 1955
  5. The custom Act 1962

White collar crimes being different in their nature and execution from ordinary crimes present peculiar problems in terms of detection, investigation,prosecution and trial relating to such offences. It is evident that for an effective enforcement of laws , we have specially trained team of lawyers.

In this era of digitalization people tend to use digital platform to perform their business as well as personal monetary transactions. But sometimes due to failure of adequate digital support system common person has to suffer monetary loss.

We do fight criminal as well as civil proceedings in different courts across the India. We do represent our big profile clients with respect to economic wing offences too.

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